Rich Campbell Familiarizes Italians To Mizkif

Mathew “Mizkif”, the creator and owner of One True King gaming company, and Rich Campbell (a friend and co-founder), engage in frequent verbal sparring. Mizkif is often mocked by the OTK members, much to his dismay. That’s at least what Mizkif believes, or implies in his tweets.

But, Rich Campbell is apparently making an unusual turn in his tour of Italy. He seems to have been familiarizing the Italians with Mizkif.

Rich Campbell encouraged some wild behavior, which would certainly irritate his streamer friend

Last Day in Rome with Cyr and Andy.

One of the most surprising things about the discussion on “scratch marks” or crevices in the walk area is that the Twitch streamer gives a lot of detail. This makes it very entertaining for Mizkif, as well as all One True King fanatics.

Rich Campbell walks through Rome’s streets when he sees a bunch of Italian friends who shout “F**k Mizkif!” upon recognizing him.

Rich Campbell laughed out loud at the actions of his Italian friends after he had publicly ridiculed him.

He said that Italian people and fans are among the most kind-hearted people he’s ever seen. During the live stream, many fans were crazy and used Twitch’s most popular emoticon “OMEGALUL” to send messages.

Some fans joined Rich Campbell, his Italian fan fans and continued his comments in Twitch chat.

A few others encouraged viewers to record or clip a video of their hilarious act. Some people wanted to know how streamers would respond to this amusing event.

Mizkif recently started streaming r/place on Reddit, an important part of his streams. He didn’t expect this, even though he was preoccupied.


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