Robcdee Live Stream: Voice Actor Outraged

Actors, famous personalities are usually going off like time bombs whenever they are filmed without their consent is not new. Frankly, it is understandable that the paparazzi fetosh can get really annoying.

IRL content creator and Twitch streamer ‘Robcdee’ recently encountered an anonymous voice actor and he accidentally appeared on his stream. The voice actor lost it when he realized that he appeared on Robcdee’s livestream and demanded the streamer to delete the said video. He then said that if Robcdee released the video, it would surely cost him his career.

The voice actor kept on insisting the streamer delete the said video with him in it and it seems Robcdee kept the request as the clip is no longer on his channel.

Based on the context provided by some viewers who saw the said livestream, Robcdee was recording a stream in a bar/pub and the voice actor walked up to him and his friends and started talking. It also seems that the voice actor had already had a few drinks as seen on the video and then he started bragging about his fame on TV and then bash Robcdee’s streaming career, completely unprovoked When he notices that he was being included on the stream, things escalated quickly and Robcdee tried to keep him off the screen but failed a couple of times.

The voice actor threw hands at Robcdee and told him to “f*ck off”. It does make sense that the voice actor would be agitated and for him to say that his career would be affected since his attitude towards the streamer is super off and his outrage on Robcdee’s stream. The voice actor’s reputation could take a major hit especially if he is just starting his career.


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