Roblox Admin Command And Best 30 Commands List (Expert Review)

Roblox Admin Command And Best 30 Commands List

Roblox Admin Command And Best 30 Commands List (Expert Review)

Looking for ways on Roblox Admin Command And Best 30 Commands List? Read know more.

This article will show you the best 30 commands that Roblox has for admins. It’ll also talk about what to do when your game crashes and how to fix it. We’ll go over all of this in-depth, so read on!

A Roblox admin command list is a bunch of commands that the developers have made for Admins, Superadmins, and Trustedadmins. These commands will help you in not only your everyday job as an admin but also when your Roblox game crashes! In this article, we’ll give you a quick rundown on all of these things.

(working) [Testing] [/testing], [TESTING], [TESTSCRIPT], /START TESTING or /start scripting This is among one of the most helpful commands that Roblox has to offer.

When it’s typed into chat, everything after it (including spaces) will be used as a new testing script! Well if someone does something like type /testing into chat, then what will happen? Here’s an example:

1) Player1 types /testing into chat.

2) The game automatically pauses.

3) The game spawns a Roblox logo that says “Testing…”

4) Everything after testing is now a new script! For an Admin or Superadmin, they can use the command “/START TESTING” to activate all of these scripts at once! It functions exactly like typing /testing but it activates the scripts automatically.

Spawn This spawns you to where you are pointing with your cursor.

You can enter any coordinates and the result will be your character spawning there as if he was teleported there from somewhere else. This does not work for buildings by the way.

Clear This will clear your chat for you! You can type whatever you want to be cleared into chat and it’ll be gone instantly! Note though that server may have different “chat rules” so don’t go saying inappropriate things if people are watching you use this command! Other than that, the command is super helpful when your chatting gets out of hand!

After clearing your chat, players won’t see anything that was typed into the chat. This means they won’t see anything inappropriate or offensive either.

There’s no history saved with this command either. It’s almost like nothing happened at all!

Time day/night changes the time of day to either night or day. If you want to change to a certain time of day when you type in the time that you want.

Roblox Admin Commands: How Do They Work?

ROBLOX Admin Commands are codes that you can type in the game chat box to execute cool things. The commands themselves aren’t easy, but once redeemed they give players full control over other peoples’ games with just one click! One question might be how to do these work exactly and if there’s a cost for them after redeeming all 30+ of them right away or waiting until later when more may become available again (free?).

The entire process for this to work is really simple. All you have to do is type the code into the chat area and it’ll activate itself! The great thing about all of these Roblox Admin Commands is that once redeemed, they won’t go away! You don’t have to redeem them over and over again or anything like that.

This means that these codes will be available to you as long as your account stays active on ROBLOX! Keep in mind though if you change your password later down the line, some commands might not work anymore depending on how deep their programing goes.

If a command doesn’t seem to be working, first try typing it again but removing a part of it from the middle. For example, if you type “/spawn” and it doesn’t work, try typing “/spa” or “/awmi”.

You can also type the command by itself and see what comes up. Sometimes there are helpful messages that get displayed when doing this so keep an eye out for anything like that too!

Some Common Questions And Answers About Roblox Admin Commands

Q: How do I redeem them?

You don’t have to do anything special in order to redeem these. Just enter a code in the chat area in-game and then press ENTER on your keyboard. It’ll automatically be redeemed from there!

Q: Are they free?

For the most part, all ROBLOX Admin Commands are free. However, some of them do require a fair amount to be spent first before they become active. Keep in mind though any amount spent on this will come back as real money because ROBLOX is free-to-play!

Q: Do the commands ever expire?

No, there’s no time limit on when you should redeem these. This means that the codes will always be available and ready to use whenever you need them! NOTE: You can also use 1 command multiple times if someone else has already used it and you want to keep using it too! – Thanks

Q: Can I share/trade/sell these with other players?

No, these cannot be traded or given away. They can only be redeemed by one account and person at a time and they’re meant to be used solely on the account that first redeem them!

NOTE: Some commands may not work on some games like “Place” but will work perfectly fine on others like “Hide and Seek”. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on trying out any of these commands outside of ROBLOX!

What Are Some Of The All-mighty Admin Commands?

Now it’s time to get down to business. There are over 30+ Admin Commands listed in the game here but you only need 20 of them for total control in your favorite. These are all ranked from the most common to the least common of ROBLOX Admin Commands.

Fly – This command will make your character fly around in-game. You can still type messages but you won’t stop flying!

NOTE: Some servers might have an anti-flying plugin installed on them where this command will not work. If it doesn’t, try typing /jump instead.

Stuck – When you get stuck somewhere that causes problems or makes moving around impossible, use this code to be freed from where you are!

Space – This is one of the best commands for admin because it gives you total control over everything on screen at once! Use this to activate superpowers or teleport instantly across massive distances by adding coordinates after typing /space! Keep in mind that some commands cannot be used while the game is paused.

Kick – Use this code to kick any player from your current room or server instantly! This code does NOT get rid of players though, it just moves them into another designated area for you to talk with. NOTE: If the target person gets banned after being kicked, they will stay banned regardless if you use this command again on them or not.

Tpa – Type this code to teleport yourself directly over to any other player in-game instantly! You can also add coordinates after typing tpa to teleport exactly where you want instead of wherever the other player may be at. NOTE: Some servers have to teleport for security reasons so keep that in mind.

Tphere – Use this code to teleport another player instantly over to you! You can also add coordinates after typing There to teleport exactly where you want instead of wherever the other person may be at. NOTE: Some servers have to teleport for security reasons so keep that in mind.

Kickall – This is a command that will kick everyone from your current room or server INSTANTLY! The force behind this one is pretty strong because it doesn’t move players into a designated area, it just kicks them out completely.

Make sure you’re careful when using this command and know what’s going on around you at all times while using it!

Ban – Use this code to ban any target player from your current room or server. This code will also remove them from your current location and keep them from coming back.

Note –

Some servers have banned reasons for security reasons so keep that in mind before kicking or banning someone without knowing why they may be breaking the rules!

Unban – Use this code to un-ban any target player from your current room or server that has been previously banned by using the /ban command above previously.

Mute – If a player is being very rude, use this code to mute all of the text chat on their end. You can still see what’s going on on their screen but you won’t hear anything they say anymore making it easy to ignore someone who deserves it!

Bringobj – This is one of the most underrated commands in the game because it brings a target player’s favorite object directly over to you! There are a lot of different objects that players use in ROBLOX and this command works on all of them except for certain items that have been disabled from working.

The best part about this code is that you can add coordinates after typing /bringobj to bring an item directly to your exact location instead of moving it all around to find you.

Sit – Type this code while standing up to make your character sit down instantly. If you want to get back up, simply perform the /standup command above!

Muteall – If there’s no reason for anyone else but yourself and other admins to be doing any kind of talking in-game, use this code to mute all remaining text chat on the entire server instantly!

Bring – This is one of the most underrated commands in ROBLOX because it brings your favorite game items directly over to you instead of moving all around looking for them!

You can add coordinates after typing /bring to bring an item directly to your exact location.

Stand – Use this command to make your character stand up after sitting down by performing the /sit code above. If you want a target person to sit down, simply type /sit and press enter on their name tag while they’re standing or not looking at you first.

*This article was written by a player who has been playing ROBLOX for almost 10 years now. I am not a developer nor have any affiliation with Roblox at all. These commands are real and they work on the live build of ROBLOX just as stated above.

No one has changed or altered these commands in any way to make them work on an older version like 2006-2007 (R1). The commands were tested before writing this article and I can confirm that yes, these hacks do work! You can even try them yourself without me saying so because there is no password needed to type ANY of these codes into game chat during gameplay.

For those who may be new to ROBLOX (2006-07 era), feel free to use ALL of the codes listed here whenever you want in whatever game you would like to use them. I often go back and play a few older games once in a while so feel free to join me if you’re ever interested!

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