Rush reveals why he deleted YouTube videos

Lee Rush, a former professional League of Legends player and Twitch streamer, recently spoke out about the experience of returning from South Korea’s mandatory military service.

The streamer, who had been away for two years, returned to Twitch after a long hiatus and host his first broadcast of eight hours. Rush immediately started playing his favourite game and shared his memories of his time with the South Korean Army.

The creator of the YouTube videos was asked by fans why he had taken down his videos. He explained that South Korean soldiers do not permit personnel to earn a second source of income.

The former Cloud 9 member joined the military in November 2020. He made an enormous comeback stream on June 6th. He was quick to start streaming League of Legends.

At the hour mark, the Counter Logic Gaming streamer (CLG-affiliated) revealed why YouTube videos were deleted. According to the MOBA player, officials had warned potential recruits not to make extra cash from their previous ventures.

After explaining the South Korean military’s operations, Rush said he had to delete or edit his YouTube channel. In a Twitch chat Rush revealed that the military rule shocked fans and the League of Legends veteran responded.

The streamer answered more viewers’ questions over the course of the streaming of League of Legends.

They were thrilled to see him make a return after two years. His clips have been featured posts on the subreddit for streamers r/LivestreamFail.

Redditors suggest that the content creator might have handed his YouTube channel over to a family member, which would have let him keep his videos online.

Many fans were curious if he is still competing in his title match.

Rush, who started streaming live on YouTube in 2016, is well-known in gaming and streaming. Rush has more than 520k followers, and has played League of Legends (TFT span>).


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