Russia Today has been taken off DStv until further notice

MultiChoice has confirmed that Russia Today (Channel 407) will not run on the DStv platform from Tuesday “until further notice”.

“Sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union have resulted in the worldwide distributor of the channel to stop providing its broadcasts to all suppliers, including MultiChoice,” MultiChoice said in a statement Tuesday evening.

The decision has received mixed reactions from South Africans, who have taken to social media to express their views.

“Russia Today has disappeared from Freeview. I was dubious about this, but after watching it occasionally over the past few days, I think it’s the right decision. All semblance of balance was gone. It was pure, unabashed lies and misinformation. And Russia must be attacked on all fronts,” Otto English tweeted, while others disapproved of the decision.

The channel is still available in other African countries.

Google has also blocked YouTube channels connected to Russia Today and Sputnik across Europe in an effort to stop the spread of “disinformation” and disrupt online disinformation campaigns.

“This builds on our indefinite hiatus from monetizing Russian state-funded media on our platforms, meaning media like RT will not be allowed to monetize their content or advertise on our platforms,” Google said Monday.

It also has limited global recommendations for some Russian state-funded media on its platforms, with YouTube removing hundreds of channels and thousands of videos for violating its Community Guidelines, including a number of channels engaged in “coordinated deceptive practices.”

“Of course we are working to not only narrow the reach of unreliable information, but also to make reliable and reliable information readily available. Our systems are built to prioritize the most authoritative information in times of crisis and rapidly changing news. When people around the world search for topics related to the war in Ukraine on Google Search or YouTube, our systems prominently pull out information, videos and other key context from authoritative news sources,” said Kent Walker, president of Global Affairs.

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