Sam Heughan Could “Absolutely See Outlander Without Me”

The sixth season of foreigner is almost there! Ahead of the highly anticipated season premiere, a cast discussed the new episodes, including frontman Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser.

That said, not everything they have to say about the season is nice. For example, this is what Heughan said at the London red carpet premiere when asked to describe Season 6 in one word: “I’m going to say decay, which isn’t a great word. It’s a dark season.”

Part of that “decay” has to do with the arrival of the Christie family on Fraser’s Ridge, the community Jamie and his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) set up in the American colonies. “To tease the season, Jamie’s past comes back to haunt him, an old adversary in the form of a man named Tom Christie,” Heughan said. Men’s health† “He was also an intimate comrade in prison with Jamie years ago, and now he comes to live on Fraser’s Ridge with his family, and they really signal the beginning of the decline of the Fraser’s power.

That Frasers have become prosperous. The city has grown. Jamie and his wife Claire seem almost like chefs. They are very good landowners, but with the arrival of this new family we are really starting to see people’s support and loyalty to Frasers begin to wane, and it signals the beginning of change in Fraser’s Ridge.

And that’s on top of other issues the couple has, such as coping with the fallout from the end of Season 5, where Claire survived a horrific sexual assault. Jamie will give her space to deal with her trauma, but is fully there to support her. †[H]he keeps an eye on her. He knows she will come to him if she needs it,” Heughan . said Radio Times† †[This is] unparalleled [territory] for both of them. It really comes to a head because she keeps this a secret [her self-medicating] from him. Normally they do everything together.”

Why foreigner hired an intimacy coordinator for season 6

At the same time, life goes on and Claire and Jamie will move on together, despite these new difficulties. “You never get to see the domestic day-to-day life of a couple who really make things work,” Heughan said. “There are plenty of those in Season 6, despite fewer episodes. “We somehow spend more time with them. There are some lovely moments where you just see Jamie and Claire in each other’s company.”

And on a show like foreigner, that means some of the sex scenes, which the series has become famous for. But the way these scenes are filmed has changed since the show started, and Heughan took advantage of his role as a producer to recruit an intimacy coordinator, sort of a choreographer for sex scenes, someone who makes sure all participants feel safe and secure. comfortable.

“I brought in intimacy consultant Vanessa Coffey on board because with intimate scenes it’s important that everyone is protected, but we’re also finding a way to explore these scenes and maybe get a little more out of them,” Heughan said on the Happy Sad Confused podcasting. “I think we’ve done an even better job with scenes like that this season because she’s really helped us understand what we’re doing and how we’re building this relationship and taking it somewhere else, so she’s been amazing.”

I came across this in a very different time and the Starz network was different, but the industry was also different, so we really didn’t know what we were doing. We were thrown in at the deep end and had to learn through the experience, so I think it was really great to bring Vanessa on board to help younger actors with less experience.

Sam Heughan on the future of foreigner

Finally, Heughan talked a little bit about what comes after season 6, not just the super-big season (which will have 16 episodes to make up for season 6 with just eight), but the potential end of the series.

“I know how it ends, [author Diana Gabaldon] told me, but we still have a long way to go before we get there,” Heughan . said The times† “Diana Gabaldon has so many other books, like the… Lord John series, and she’s writing a prequel foreigner about Jamie’s parents. So I can definitely see Outlander without me.”

To confirm, he seems to say that the… foreigner franchise could continue after he’s gone (which is indeed Starz’s plan), not that the original show would, just in case someone freaks out. “Diana Gabaldon has this whole world in her head, and how she’s tying up all those loose ends, I have no idea,” Heughan continued. “This season we’re starting to attract more of what’s going on in, dare I say, other parts of the time. We’re really starting to see these other stories, a lot of the other characters have their own storylines. This season, and certainly next season, we will see a lot more of that.”

As for when the original series might end… well, the show has adapted about one book per season and Gabaldon is planning 10 books before ending things. So maybe 10 seasons? “That would do it, wouldn’t it?” said Heughan.

foreigner Season 6 premieres this Sunday on Starz.

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