Santa Pokimane Returns

We can’t help but think of Santa Claus as we enter the month of joy and happiness. This is why streamers like Pokimane step in and announce “Santa Poki is back” on Twitter so that we adults don’t miss out on our favorite childhood activity.

This isn’t the first time Pokimane, a popular Twitch streamer, has decided to give her fans gifts of their choosing, but it’s almost become a tradition.

Fans jumped at the opportunity and shared their Amazon wishlists on her Twitter thread. Requests for books, sketchbooks, hoodies, and other items began to pour in from all directions. Almost all of her fans’ requests were granted by the streamer. Poki, on the other hand, was unable to meet some unusual demands, such as the repayment of student loan bills.

Pokimane isn’t the only streamer who dresses up as Santa for her fans during the holidays. Other streamers, such as Mizkif, have followed in her footsteps to delight their audiences. He chose to assist a struggling college student, earning the admiration of his fans and offered to buy the said student two OTK monitors and even pay $5000 for his studies, but only if the student continued his studies. This demonstrated his concern for his fans’ well-being.

Kind and warm gestures from streamers like Pokimane help to strengthen and personalize relationships with fans. It also encourages people to form communities based on goodwill rather than hatred. Pokimane’s “Santa” initiative was a huge hit last year, and it was even bigger this year.

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