Shroud and xQc

Twitch’s biggest names include xQc and Shroud. Despite having a strained relationship in the past, they continue to defend one another and, of course, share some special moments.

Michael Shroud, a Twitch streamer, recently discussed his rival Felix xQc. While watching xQc’s streams, he revealed what makes him laugh the most.

What Does Shroud Find Funny In XQc’s Stream?

While xQc is a hilarious streamer who keeps his audience entertained, Shroud points out one particular thing that makes him laugh. xQc tinkers with his game settings every now and then.

Dude, it’s hilarious to watch xQc stream because he only has one computer. So he’ll have to tinker with his settings so the game doesn’t lag on stream,” Shroud explained.

He went on to say, “It’s so fitting for him as a person,” alluding to xQc’s somewhat chaotic lifestyle.

“It’s f**king hilarious. He needs to alter the texture quality. It’s fantastic. It’s hilarious, in my opinion. xQc makes me laugh!”

Fans may not understand “Shroud’s version of funny,” but as a streamer, Shroud understands.

Recently, as many big names from Twitch began migrating to YouTube Gaming, Shroud shared his thoughts on Twitch’s future.

He believes that the exit of big streamers like TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo will not kill Twitch because it is such a large platform that minor changes will have no impact.

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