Shroud Explanation About Twitch Bans

As creators continue to stream material “that isn’t theirs” to watch, Michael Grzesiek AKA Shroud has spoken out about the state of Twitch’s approach to permabans.

Using copyrighted content, such as movies or TV shows, when streaming is a high-risk move. Over time, the distinction between fair use and blatant copyright infringement has become increasingly blurred.

Twitch streamer Shroud recently shared his thoughts on how multimedia usage affects the platform.

On his January 2nd stream, he was asked about the use of copyrighted media and said that people still have people watching content that isn’t theirs to watch, which make it still a problem and added saying that Twitch has first, and many creators streamed “bootleg TV and college sports, which has evolved into reactionary content using movies and TV.

He said that it’s only a matter of time before something happens and he just hope when it does happen, it doesn’t hit hard to the point where a bunch of people get permanent ban or suspension.

Streamers such as djWHEAT have tried to prevent creators from using copyrighted material on their streams. Twitch has released tools to assist creators in identifying content that may jeopardize their channels, but it is unclear how strict the platform will be.

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