Shroud: New World Praise

Twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud has praised the game New World stating that it was exactly how MMOs should be. Over on his channel recently, Shroud has been streaming New World and he happens to be a big fan of what it has to offer.

Shroud believes that New World has done a great job of being an MMO while also being more accessible than some of its counterparts within the genre. Even though World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and The Elder Scrolls Online all have major audiences, those games definitely aren’t for everyone. However, New World seems to be more palatable which means that it could find success where the other games in question don’t. Some streamers such as twitch streamer Asmongold has recently shared some of his thoughts and concerns about the game criticizing its lack of endgame content. But then twitch streamer Shroud strongly disagrees with that sentiment as he believes the race to max level is just a small part of New World’s overall adventure.

During his July 28th live broadcast, he stated; “‘Is it crazy that people are level 60 already?’ Not really, because even if you’re 60 there’s still so much to do. That’s exactly how MMOs should be. They should not be this race to be max level and they’re done. They should be ‘alright, if you want to prioritize getting max level then that’s great’, you can do it, but there’s other people out there who might be prioritizing something different.”

In the game New World, the levelling mechanics mean that while you can farm certain tasks to just get your character to the max level, they won’t be the best in all departments. The player needs to hone their weapon mastery, harvesting, crafting, and more by actually doing those activities. It means after you hit Level 60, there’s still plenty to do. The different ways of levelling your character and all their different aspects has shroud hooked. He didn’t highlight a specific favorite, but he’s been doing everything from chopping trees to engaging in the game’s PVP to build up his masteries.


It’s hard to imagine that’s the only reason Shroud continues to play World of Warcraft, but it’s possible he really has lost a lot of his passion for the game. Having a new MMO to play has probably played some factor, but the streamer is clearly not happy with Activision Blizzard at the moment.29-Nov-2021

Amazon Studios has plans to improve the end-game of its MMO, New World. In a lengthy blog post on the official website, the team explained how “expedition mutators” will improve challenge and enjoyment of the game for those who’ve already experienced much of what the MMO has to offer.08-Jan-2022

Living in California, Shroud is playing New World on NA West servers and has a character on Celadon, which is a Westernesse Eta world set, according to a StreamElements command in his Twitch chat. Shroud will also be selecting Covenant as his faction, according to Streamersonnew. world.28-Sept-2021

According to MMO Population, New World has over an estimated 14.99 million total players alongside 854K daily players. The site’s live player population chart shows a relatively stable trend since the game’s initial launch, but there has been a noticeable dip in the game’s daily player count.22-Mar-2022

Shroud is still enthusiastic about New World even though its player count is in decline. However, he thinks the developers need to make some changes to keep the game alive and claimed the next update could make or break the game.19-Dec-2021


New World is an MMO by Amazon Studios which has been praised by its Twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud for being more accessible than other MMOs. The levelling mechanics in New World mean that while you can farm certain tasks to just get your character to the max level, they won’t

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