Shroud weighs in on Hasan’s Getting Twitch Outrage

Twitch star Michael Grzesiek, aka Shroud, shared his thoughts on the outrage at HasanAbi’s purchase of a Los Angeles house for $3 million. He said that it was absurd.

Hasan Piker, aka HasanAbi, is a Twitch streamer who has quickly become the topic of conversation. It was revealed that Hasan purchased a home worth $2.74million through streaming. Hasan’s purchase of a house has drawn mixed reactions from netizens. Some have accused him of not living up to his ideals. Others defended Hasan, pointing out that it is perfectly acceptable to have a career with a lot of perks.

Twitch streamer shroud spoke out on HasanAbi’s recent backlash and stated that it was absurd. He said, “Dude! Why is this trending?” This is absurd. This is absurd. It’s because he is in politics. It’s just part of being a politician. Every purchase, every step, everything you do is political.

Shroud compared it to stream sniping, stating that streamers face incontinences as a result of their fame. A political commentator such as Hasan is likely to be scrutinized in any activity he undertakes. Hasan wasn’t the only streamer to face backlash for buying a house. Neekolul, a twitch streamer, also received backlash when she disclosed that she had bought a $2m apartment.



Twitch streamer Michael Grzesiek, aka Shroud, speaks out about the backlash at HasanAbi’s purchase of a Los Angeles house for $3 million. He says that it is absurd and compares it to stream sniping because streams are viewed as celebrity.

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