Silver Rathalos Weakness MHGU: Abilities, Behavior

Many players want to know the weakness of Silver Rathalos MHGU, because this character rarely appears in the game in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Since this monster is rare, the players of this game know little about it and want to know its weakness.

Get full information about the MHGU Silver Ratalos’ weakness, abilities, how this monster behaves in the game, and other details. Let us immediately examine the weaknesses and peculiarities of this monster.

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Silver Rattalos Vulnerability Detail MHGU

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a well-known action-RPG that you can enjoy on Nintendo systems. This is one of the most popular games in the Monster Hunter series. There are many monsters in this game. They each have their own weaknesses and capabilities. One of them is Silver Rathalos. Most players of this game do not know this monster in detail, as it is a rare monster.

They are flying wyverns, and also rare species of Rattalers. This monster was first introduced to the series in Monster Hunter G.

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This rare and beautiful version of the Ratalos is slightly larger than the regular Ratalos. They are silver in color and have black markings.

Silver Notes – Behavior

The behaviour of a silver rafalo is different from that of a normal rafalo. They are more dangerous and prefer air-to-ground attacks. This makes them more dangerous than the normal version of this monster.

Silver Rattalo Habitat

This is a very important part to know where to find this rare monster in the game. They are rarely found in marshes, old bogs, or in the woods and hills. But on the tops of the old towers, this monster is often found.

Your skills

It is now time to discuss the possibilities of this rare sample. The Silver Rathalos often attacks hunters with triple fireballs and air claw attacks. When on the ground, they prefer a swat with the tail to a bite. Therefore, they are less likely to attack hunters.

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This silver Rathalos is more rampant than other species of Rathalos. That’s why they’re more dangerous.

The element of this flying wyvern monster is fire. This is the first generation of this type. As for the size, this sample has a dimension of 2248.6 and 1140.6.

Silver Ratalos vulnerability MHGU

It is time to discuss the weakness of this monster. In fact, this rare silver beast is weak to water (2nd gen and above) and thunder (2nd gen and above).

The head of this rare monster is extremely weak against blows (hammer, hunter’s horn). As for the wings, they are very weak against sharp weapons (broadsword, longsword, double sword, etc.).

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This was the complete guide to the MHGU Silver Rathalos. Let us know what you think of this rare monster guide in the comments section below. We would like to know if you defeated this monster in the game because you know his weaknesses or not.

Conclusion: Silver Ratalos vulnerability MHGU

Finally, we hope you have come to know all the details about the MHGU Silver Rahal’s weakness, skills, behavior and more. If you have any doubts or questions about this sample, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We are here to answer all your questions and doubts.

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