Skiesti is Terrified

It’s not uncommon for Overwatch bugs to go unnoticed for a long time before being fixed, but the latest spawn camping bug has been causing a lot of problems for players.

Unfortunately, this has led to some spawn camping shenanigans, in which brave teams try their damnedest to keep their opponents at bay in the hopes of physically disconnecting them.

One of the most popular Twitch streamers Skiesti experienced during a Havana match. The enemy team went crazy and pushed her back into spawn while she was attempting to attack the third objective and push the payload to its destination.

An Overwatch streamer was almost spawned on the menu.

Despite Mercy’s best efforts, the defensive might of a Sigma, Roadhog, Mei, Hanzo, Ana, and Baptiste proved to be too much.

A screen appeared moments later warning her that she would be kicked for inactivity if she didn’t move quickly, prompting the streaming to attempt a Resurrection on a teammate.

Although she was fortunate in that the game did not kick her (which would have resulted in her losing 50 SR), the experience was so agonizing that she shared it with her Twitter followers.

Overwatch players have reported a bug in the spawn camp.

“Healing/damage increase? Nope. Res? Nope. Okay, how about Valk? Nope. I understand why it happens, but I was still playing the game, and the fact that I walked out past my team and was killed so I wasn’t kicked out isn’t ideal,” she said.

Similar issues were reported by others in their own games.The Overwatch developers had previously stated that they were looking into the problem but did not have an ETA for a fix. Unfortunately, no further information has been released on this, so Overwatch players will have to come up with creative ways to avoid being spawn camped and kicked until then.

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