Snapchat: How to fake your location

Although Snapchat may seem like a small app when it comes to privacy and location tracking, the social media giant, just like other competitors, has been monitoring you for many years. It sounds more alarming than it actually is. Snapchat tracks your location to improve the user experience. However, this does not eliminate privacy concerns or any other worries.

You can hide your Snapchat location or make up your own on Snapchat. Although it takes some time and requires you to install a few apps, the final result is that Snapchat can be used to fake your location without any problems. We will discuss how UltFone iOS location changer can change your snap location. Let’s first learn a bit about Snapchat tracking.

What do you know about Snap Map?

Do You Know about Snap Map on Snapchat

Snapchat Map was introduced in June 2017 and has been an integral part of the social media platform. Snapchat Map allows users to see the location of their friends in real-time. Meta and Twitter allow you to tag your location, but not share it.

Prior to Snapchat Map, you could share your location using the iPhone’s Location-Sharing feature. This requires that all of your contacts and friends have Apple devices. Snap Map allows you to share your location across platforms with friends.

Snap Map tracks the iPhone’s GPS position and sends it to its servers. These data are used to keep track of where you’re at all times. Your friends will also be able to view this information. Snap Map is basically an enhancement to Snapchat’s location feature.

Snap Map may be there to assist you, but you could still use it to create Snapchat locations. You have many options to assist you.

Snapchat can fake your location –

There are many reasons to change Snapchat locations depending on what you want and how it works out for you. You might want to try new geofilters, or copy the ones used by celebrities around the globe. This feature is great for those who want to trick your friends into thinking you’re on vacation, but in reality you’re at home.

If you have strict friends and family, then we would recommend a fake Snapchat address. It doesn’t matter what reason you use to spoof Snapchat location locations, but the bottom line is that it can all be different.

How can you fake your location on Snapchat?

Is it possible to create fake Snapchat location directly through the app? It is not possible to fake Snapchat locations directly from the app. You can use the Ghost Mode and selective sharing priorities to hide or reveal your location temporarily. Snapchat location spoofers are required to alter Snapchat’s locations. Location spoofers such as iMyPhone and TenorShare can also be used. We will focus on the UltFone iOS location changer as it has proven to be extremely reliable.

UltFone iOS location changer features

1. Just one click to move your GPS to any location.

2. Use location-based apps such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat to work with your friends.

3. You can control your movements with the joystick.

4. To start the routes you want, add GPX files.

5. The latest iOS 15.5/13 Pro/13 Max versions are supported.

Snapchat Location Spoofing with UltFone iOS

UltFone’s best feature is the ability to use this UltFone iOS location changer for other location-based apps like Meta or Pokemon Go.

How to Change Snapchat Location with UltFone iOS Position Changer

Step 1. Install the software onto your computer. Start UltFone, and then connect your iPhone to the system. Navigate to the Change Location tab in the app and click the ENTER button.

How to Spoof Your Location in Snapchat via UltFone iOS Location Changer

Step 2: A map screen will appear. Here you can search for any address or location you wish. Tap on any location to open the Search Bar and then click the Start Modifying button.

How to Spoof Your Location in Snapchat via UltFone iOS Location Changer

Step 3: To confirm your location change, open the Snapchat App.

How to Spoof Your Location in Snapchat via UltFone iOS Location Changer


This article will show you how to quickly change your Snapchat location for iPhone. UltFone iOS location changer appears to be much simpler than manual accessing the technicalities of location spoofing. If you’re asking us, we vote for UltFone iOS location changer. The software has been tested across all platforms and passed every test!

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