Sodapoppin Encounters A Forsen Stream Sniper

Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” was targeted by a stream sniper during his most recent broadcast, but it appears that the sniper was looking for another popular Twitch streamer named Forsen.

Sodapoppin is a streaming pioneer, having been on the platform for over a decade. He’s credited as one of the reasons the hit game Among Us became so popular on Twitch during his ten years on the platform, from helping to normalize the use of a donation button to being one of the reasons the hit game Among Us became so popular on Twitch.

On his streams, he plays a wide range of games, from League of Legends to Super Auto Pets, and he streams them all.

During his most recent stream, he played “Midnight Ghost Hunt,” a new hide-and-seek game in which a group of ghost hunters must locate and kill ghosts that can hide in any object on the map.

Ghost hunters have weapons and tools that they can use to track down enemy ghosts, while ghosts can move objects around to injure hunters, giving them a way to defend themselves if they are caught. There’s also an open mic feature in the game, which allows ghosts and ghost hunters to communicate with one another.

Soda relaxed and waited for a ghost hunter to enter the room after finding a good hiding spot as a ghost, but he had no idea what would happen next. Soon after the round began, a hunter entered the room and began speaking loudly to whom he assumed to be the popular streamer Forsen, greeting him and his chat.

The player was knocked to the ground as soon as he entered the room because all of the ghosts in the room launched objects at him. Soda was amused by this, but what the player said next pushed him over the edge.

Soda then bolted from the room as another ghost hunter barged in and began shooting at him, laughing at the absurd encounter with a stream sniper who was sniping the wrong streamer.

The strange interaction was also amusing in Soda’s chat, with many calling the player “Wesker,” an inside joke among Forsen’s community.

While the stream sniper may have missed his target, Soda and his audience laughed hysterically at the situation.

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