Sodapoppin Joked How he Wanted to Punch Esfand

Following the recent Twitch Shitcamp 2021 activities, Twitch star Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris was pleased to see life return to normal. Fans reacted angrily to this, but Soda swiftly clarified the situation by stating that it was all a joke.

Soda was giving a recap of the Shitcamp activities on the 3rd of October by watching various Twitch clips from the event. Soda paused footage of one of the Kitchen Streams and proceeded to joke about how badly he wanted to hit Esfand after watching it.

He stated; “I’ve never wanted to punch someone more in my entire life until Esfand on this trip. I got mad at him. When you have like fifteen streamers in a room, shut the f*** up. Stop talking so goddamn f***ing much. That’s how I feel,”

He went on to compare Esfand talking to the PeepoTalk emote, concluding that it “should just be called Esfanding.” Soda claims that Myth and other streamers were fun to hang out with since everything they said was entertaining. But, as Soda continued to explain, “we had thirty swings and twenty-nine misses” when Esfand spoke.

“Shut the f*** up Esfand. I love the guy though,” Soda concluded.

This video subsequently received negative feedback from viewers who didn’t understand Soda’s joke, forcing him to clarify things later in the stream.

So he explained; “People take my sh*t too seriously. Esfand was great at Shitcamp, I had a blast with him. Keep that in mind. I just know him very well, so I can say mean, funny things like that. It’s fine. Relax.”

Esfand’s absence from The Roast of Sodapoppin is a shame, because we’re sure there would have been some funny banter between the two. It’s still comforting to know that the Twitch stars aren’t actually feuding.

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