Sodapoppin Mocks Pokimane Announcement

Pokimane, Twitch streamer has been highly praised for her role as co-founder at RTS. RTS is a brand consulting and talent management firm. But Chance Morris, aka Sodapoppin, didn’t find the announcement very exciting and called it boring.

Pokimane revealed recently that her biggest career announcement would take place on October 27, leaving everyone on edge. Pokimane announced her venture via Twitter.

Twitch’s streamer then revealed that he had been eagerly awaiting the announcement. This was mainly due to Pokimane making it seem like an enormous deal. However, he did express disappointment at her RTS announcement.

Unimpressed, he said that the announcement was not “big”, but was boring. This is, I will not lie. This is why I am disappointed. This is still interesting and big, but it’s boring.”

Sodapoppin shared what he expected from the announcement, and struggled not to laugh. As he joked about how Pokimane’s decision to stop streaming was a huge and funny announcement, he began to laugh.

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