Sodapoppin To Get Married

Sodapoppin announced on his latest stream that he will be getting married soon and that he will be wearing a $20 ring that he purchased from Amazon.

One of his fans started the conversation by demanding to know why he had a ring on his fingers, implying that she would propose if she did.

Sodapoppins finally decoded every detail of his relationship with his fans by articulating that Veibae and he have severe irony poisoning after a minute of silence. Everything they do is ironic; for example, they are not dating; rather, they are ironically dating because they are indistinct – irony.

Morris jumped in quickly to break out of character, laughing heartily at what he had just said while banging his head against his desk. He couldn’t keep up with the plot and instead focused on the League of Legends match he was preparing for in the background. He had previously described it as “cringe.”

After hearing the story, his audience was perplexed. The audience reacted with laughter, while others tried to make sense of his statements about Sodapoppins and Veibae’s relationship. There had already been a lot of speculation and rumors about their relationship status, but their recent confession has added fuel to the fire.

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