Solved: Android 12 Spotify Keeps Stopping

Spotify is an integral part of our everyday lives, regardless of whether you’re a musician or just a casual listener. Without Spotify, the mundane bus ride to work or high school would be difficult without it. It’s a bad day when you get on your commute to work every morning, take your headphones with you, and then turn Spotify on to see if there is an issue.

Google will show you that not everyone is having the same problem. Numerous Spotify users are complaining about the Spotify app’s inability to pause without any trigger since Android 12 OS was released. If not addressed quickly, this can become a serious problem. We have attempted to identify the possible causes and suggest solutions.

Android Spotify keeps stopping?

Android Spotify’s stoppages could result from a variety of problems. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint the cause. We have narrowed down the possible causes to help you make your life easier. You can check the cases that are not relevant to your situation and then, if you have any options, use them to help you deal with the problem.

These are some possible reasons why Android 12 Spotify has stopped working again and again.

  • A weak or unstable internet connection can be one of the most common reasons Android 12 Spotify stops working without warning. Switch networks to make sure that this isn’t the case.
  • Using outdated versions of Spotify app could also lead to a host of issues in your everyday user experience. Head over to Google Play Store right away to get any pending updates. If you have issues updating the app please read this guide.
  • Down Spotify servers can cause your tracks and songs to stop working in inconvenient ways.
  • An old Android Operating Systems can cause Spotify and other apps to behave badly. To ensure that you have the most recent patches and fixes, it is important to always keep your OS up-to-date.
  • Low battery or Power Saver Mode are two potential causes that could slow down functionality of power-draining applications like Spotify. You should charge your phone and be fine.
  • The Spotify app bugs are another reason why you can’t use Spotify as you wish. Make sure to get rid all the possible bugs by updating the software or installing a new copy.

How to Get Android Spotify Moving Again?

There are many ways you can fix Spotify pausing. This is how you fix Spotify pausing.

1. Log out and log back in

You might have trouble using Spotify? Logging out, then back in may be possible. This could help if tracks stop working no matter which song you’re listening to. This is how you do it.

  • Click on the Settingsicon at the top-right corner of the app.
  • Scroll down and click Log Out.
  • By entering your credentials, you can log back in to your account.

2. Start the device again

Restart the Device

You can do this without having to restart the Spotify app. You can immediately restart your smartphoneif your Spotify music stops working. After it has turned back on, you can then fire up the app using proper internet connectivity. Sometimes, it is as easy as that to make the app work.

3. Clear app cache and data

It is a simple solution to technical issues relating to electronic devices. You can clear your phone’s cache and Spotify app data. You will have a new start. The best thing is that it’s easy.

Clear App Cache and Data

How to delete Spotify app cache and data:

  • Scroll down to Settings and then scroll up to Apps/App Management.
  • Click on to view all apps.
  • Scroll down for Spotify and then go to its storage section.
  • Click on Clear Cache or Clear Data.
  • Choose OK.
  • Start the phone.

4. Switch Networks

Switch Networks

If Spotify is still not playing, it’s best to switch to another connection and see if the problem persists. Try to make sure your Android 12 Spotify is connected to an internet connection that is fast, reliable, and stable.

If you do not, everything that you attempt to perform on the app, as well as other apps that require internet, will freeze, glitch or lag. Switch to another network to see if Spotify works again.

5. Data Saver/Battery Mode Off

If Android 12 Spotify stops working, this is an effective and simple solution. It only takes a few steps, but it does a good job at resolving the problem. To ensure that your phone is working to its maximum potential, simply turn off Power Saving Mode. The OS’s normal functions are affected by Power Saving Mode, which reduces battery consumption.

Turn Off Battery Saver Mode

How to Turn Off the Power Saver or Battery

  • Navigate to Setting and select Batteries.
  • The Energy Saving Mode is disabled.

You can also launch the Notification Bar from the top of your screen. Expand on the Options until you find the Power Saving Mode. Simply turn it off.

Android Spotify may also be crashing if you have your Data Saver Mode or Low Data Mode turned on. Restricted data usage can lead to broken apps or features that require heavy data transfer.

These steps will help you get the Data Saver option for Android.

  • Start the Settingsapp.
  • Navigate to Network or Internet
  • The Data Saving Mode is disabled.

6. Make sure you are checking for software and app updates

Android 12 Spotify may be unable to connect to the internet. This could indicate that there are pending upgrades. You will notice lags or glitches as a result of an outdated Spotify. In case automatic updates fail, it’s better to check manually for new updates.

Check for Software and App Updates

How to Update Spotify

  • Visit the Play Store.
  • Find Apps and Games.
  • Select Latest Updates.
  • Browse Spotify.
  • Tap on Update if you notice pending updates. Your Spotify will then be updated.

If your Spotify app is displaying a pause, make sure your device has the latest version and there are no missing updates. Check for updates.

How to Update Your OS

  • Navigate to the Section by opening Settings.
  • Choose System update to have your phone scan for any pending updates. Download and Install It immediately, if available.
  • The phone can be rebooted

7. Spotify Down?

Check if Spotify is Down

Try to determine if your issue is with Spotify servers before you attempt to troubleshoot. If so, wait until the servers are restored.

You can check Spotify status by going to DownDetector. Follow Spotify Status Twitter to receive regular updates about Spotify’s status. You will be notified if anything is amiss.

8. Install the app again

Reinstall the App

You might have to delete the app from your phone and then reinstall it if you continue to experience problems after you update the app. You can delete the Spotify app and then reinstall it via Play Store if the problem persists. This is how you do it.

  • Hold the Spotify app button and click the Uninstall option that appears either at the top of the icon or to the side.
  • Go to Google Play Store and search for ‘Spotify.
  • The first page of search results.


This is all you need to know about how to fix a Spotify app that keeps crashing on an Android 12 device. This guide will help you solve the problem without consulting a professional. These steps are simple to follow, and are self-explanatory. As long as you use the trial and error approach, everything will be fine.

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