Some of the Plays in Episode #1 of the £1,050,000 Triton Million Charity Event

The greatest ever buy-in was held in 2019 with 27 professionals and 27 amateurs. Triton Poker has released a series of 10-episodes on its YouTube channel, entitled Triton Million: A Helping Hand to Charity Poker Event. 54 players paid the seven-figure entry price, and PS50,000 from each buy-in went to 15 charities. The result was that PS2.7 million was given to various good organisations and an enormous PS54 million prize pool ($73,993,800).

Tom Dwan’s tournament could not have been worse. So now, he is giving Vivek Rajkumar the first major pot of the day. Dwan raised to 8,000 at the button with Q-Diamonds and Q-Spades. The blinds were 1,500/3,000/3,000. Rajkumar placed three bets to reach 35,000 in the small blind, with 7-Diamonds (7-Diamonds) and Rajkumar made four to go to 100,000 in the large blind. Elton Tsang also placed four to go to 100,000 with the A-Diamonds K–Hearts big blind. Rajkumar and Dwan both called. After an all-action flip of J-Diamonds and 9-Diamonds that saw Rajkumar call, the three remaining players checked. Rajkumar won the flush with the 4-Diamonds on the turn, and he placed 210,000 in the $303,000 pot. Tsang pulled out in spite of holding the nut flush draw. Dwan rode with his top pair and top kicker. Dwan was two-pair at the time the A-Clubs were lost on the river. Rajkumar had to risk 350,000 and Dwan gave up.

Aaron Zhang raised 8,000 with A-Diamonds & A-Hearts. Paul Phua placed a third bet at 26,000 with K-Diamonds & K-Spades. Zhang then made a fourth and got 95,000. Phua answered. Phua called 100,000 Zhang when the flop fell 9-Diamonds 8-Hearts and 7-Hearts. Zhang called after Phua placed 180,000. Zhang stopped with a call and checked. Zhang called when Phua placed 180,000, with 397.500 in the pot, and 10 Clubs on turn. After the action was over with the 4Spades on the river, both players looked at it and called. Zhang would be the final chip leader.

After three seven-figure buy in tournament final tables, Rick Salomon had planned to stay for a while in London. This didn’t happen. Salomon won it with Q-Spades J-Diamonds and 8-Spades. On the flip, Andrew Pantling took the win with Q-Clubs. Salomon, who was eliminated first in round one of the draw contests, had the cards kept.

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