Sonicite Uses Electric Bass As Controller

A gamer and Twitch streamer Sonicite recently achieved something incredible when he used an electric bass as a controller to defeat a boss in the popular game Dark Souls.

Sonicite took on the challenge of playing Dark Souls during a recent Twitch livestream. However, he made the game more difficult for himself by using poor audio inputs to move and battle his character. The streamer used his electric bass guitar as an audio input.

Sonicite added a new twist to the popular game Dark Souls, making it more difficult for himself by abandoning the game’s traditional PC and console controllers.

Rather, he used an electric bass as a controller and attempted to finish the game with it. Despite the absurdity of the situation, he did a decent job of playing the game, much to the surprise of his viewers. He even defeated some of the game’s bosses, despite being at a disadvantage.

The streamer is seen fighting the Taurus Demon in the video, which was posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit. The Taurus Demon, who resembles a Minotaur, is an optional boss. In the Undead Burg area, it appears at the top of a narrow castle wall because Undead Burg is one of the first areas in Dark Souls Remastered, the Taurus Demon is usually one of the first bosses most players encounter.

The streamer received a Humanity and a Homeward Bone for defeating the boss. The achievement was greeted with joy by viewers in his chat window. Sonicite himself had some choice words to say about defeating the boss.

Sonicite was by no means the first to try something like this. Using abject inputs to limit the player has been a trend for a long time. Such challenges have also helped to popularize abysmal audio inputs.

In February 2021, Twitch streamer Michael “LobosJr” Villalobos attempted the exact challenge of using an electric guitar as a controller. He’s talked about how difficult it is to stream Dark Souls for 12 hours using audio input as a controller.

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