Soulja Boy Banned Twice In One Day

During the evening of December 9th, Twitch streamer Soulja Boy was banned twice in a row. The reasons for the bans are still unknown.

Since he began streaming on Twitch in 2018, Soulja Boy has ruffled a lot of feathers. He chastised streamers who switched from Twitch to YouTube. He claimed credit for Twitch’s success. He went so far as to start selling his own console. There has been much speculation, but no one seems to be able to pinpoint exactly what he did wrong this time.

Soulja Boy was already a popular and well-known personality before joining Twitch, but the platform catapulted him to the top of the streaming world. However, he received little protection from the moderators as a result of this. Even bigger names than Soulja Boy have been banned as a result of the arcane code of conduct.

Before being allowed back on the platform, he was banned for about five minutes. At the time, no explanation was given. Soulja Boy was perplexed, just like the rest of us. However, he was banned for the second time in a matter of hours and his fans joked that he was the only streamer who had been “banned, then unbanned, then banned in under an hour.

Both bans have ambiguous justifications. Some of his fans blamed the first ban on a copyright violation involving his own music. During the steam, Soulja Boy, who is also a rapper, was playing a few of his tracks. Twitch may have automatically banned him before someone noticed and overturned the decision, but this is just one of many possibilities.

While some of his fans blamed the second ban on racial slurs uttered during the stream, others claimed he was banned for giving away subscriptions during The Game Awards, which were taking place at the time.

Soulja Boy, like all of his fans, was perplexed by what had occurred. Twitch has never provided a satisfactory explanation for his suspension. This prompted some of his supporters to demand that he be reinstated on the platform. Some people demanded an apology. While many were upset, the majority found the situation amusing. Several of his followers speculated that Twitch might be trolling him.

While no one knows for sure why Soulja Boy was banned, everyone expects the streamer to continue to draw Twitch’s attention in the future. However, perhaps the platform will be able to explain itself the next time around.

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