Soulja Boy Takes on Streamers Leaving Twitch

DeAndre Cortez, a rapper who has become a streamer on Twitch. He is also known as Soulja Boy.

Many Twitch streamers have begun to switch over to YouTube live streaming. Many are happy to congratulate the streamers and are enjoying the transition. However, some are not so pleased with it. Soulja Boy, rapper has made clear his opinion on the moves and claims that streamers are being sold out to gain clout.

Soulja Boy is a popular Twitch streamer and rapper who took to Twitter recently to vent about the streamers leaving YouTube. In an uncontrollable and vulgar tirade, he addressed the issue of Twitch streamers abandoning Twitch Gaming. Soulja Boy is still a Twitch streamer, and he promised his audience that he would continue to use the platform regardless of what YouTube has done to him.

Before flashing his wealth at live viewers, he claimed that YouTube doesn’t require him to make a sale. He claimed that he has enough cash to stay on YouTube and that the only reason he would ever leave is to get an exclusive deal with a rival platform.

He is proud to show off his chat and says, “Y’all want a look at what a million bucks looks like?” He said, “Stop f**king with me!” That’s $500,000! It’s $500,000! “Stop playing with me!”

Even bragging that he was the most “rich” Twitch streamer, he also claimed that other Twitch broadcasters had fled to YouTube in search of a better income. Soulja Boy claims that he is all-in for Amazon. The streamers leaving the platform were then blasted by Soulja Boy, who exclaimed: “They sold out to clout!” That’s not what I do! Twitch is my clout. I am clout! I don’t need no money! I have enough! Twitch is my only friend!”

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