Spanish Streamers Are Taking Over Twitch

The Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch has still continued to grow over the years and now, it turns out that some of the Spanish streamers on the platform with the likes of ibai, auronplay & more are dominating into the fastest growing streamer charts. Twitch recently had a rocky week as they faced the wake of the “A Day Off Twitch” boycott. They also recently lost two of their biggest content creators, Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman as they signed an exclusive deal on Youtube.

But despite of all this, Twitch has still continuing to dominate. As we see the likes of Asmongold skyrocket in popularity once more in the English sphere, it turns out that some of the biggest names on Twitch hail from a very different part of the world and that is the Spanish speaking Twitch stars. As reported, Spanish speaking content creators has seen a huge growth throughout September and if they continue on this upward trajectory, they’ll be rivialling the platform’s dominant language.

According to TwitchMetrics and SullyGnome, the seven streamers on the top ten fastest growing Twitch streamers for the month of September are Spanish. This includes Ibai who leads the pack with a 754,177 follower increase.

Also Minecraft streamer Auronplay with 583,375 new followers, juansguarnizo took fourth spot with 441,627, ElMariana with 353,732, xXxTheFocuSxXx with 318,330 new followers, Luzu with 263,440, and the tenth place was TheGrefg gaining 254,289 new followers. Considering that the platform does cater to a global audience, it’s therefore not really a shock that Spanish streams are beginning to rise in prominence.

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