SpeedDons: 800,000 Euros Donations

After a first-class edition, SpeedDons was raised to a new level for its 2022 edition. The record was broken by streamers and viewers who waited patiently for the final second. It was a win!

The ZEvent and the Desert Bus of Hope continue to inspire passions. However, SpeedDons was launched in 2021. MisterMV organized the charity marathon for Doctors of the World. It was a necessity from the start.

The event was a success on paper. It featured passionate streamers setting fires to Twitch and angering viewers as well as speedruns that were breathtaking. The first edition of the event raised 614 000 euros for Doctors of the World.

Everybody crossed their fingers for the new record when the SpeedDons curtain lifted. They didn’t dare believe it.

Streamers and viewers alike waited with bated breath as the stages fell one after another. Just hours prior to the end of the event, everyone was finally able to enjoy the moment they had been waiting for: The previous year’s record was broken.

The icing on top was flat seams, which were added to the total of 802,166 euro.

The amount that was raised for Doctors of the World has been a great success. A goal of one Million dollars is set for the next edition.



SpeedDons raised 614,000 euros in the first edition of the event. The people who attended watched and streamed to raise money for Doctors of the World. SpeedDons has been running since 2021. The events that took place in 2022 broke a world record by raising 802,166 euro.

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