Star Trek’s Most Cunning Villain’s

Ever since Star Trek hit the small screen in 1966, we have been introduced to some of the greatest villains science fiction has ever seen. Dangerous aliens, monsters, and tyrants that could only exist in Gene Roddenberry’s creation have challenged the rank and file of Starfleet’s officers in every way imaginable.

From the Salt Monster in “The Man Trap” on Star Trek: The Original Series to Control in Star Trek: Discovery, we are going to where no man has gone before to select the most sagacious and cunning villains in the franchise.


Lore is an android, like Data, created by Doctor Noonian Soong. When compared to a human, Lore was immensely sophisticated and sentient, with mega strength, speed, and intelligence. Lore had advanced emotional programming as well. However, unlike his brother Data, he became emotionally unstable and malevolent, leading Lore to believe that he was superior to everyone else.

With the Borg on his side, Lore took on Data and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise-D in an epic showdown. His last words were “I… love you… brother” before Data neutralized him.

Luther Sloan

Section 31 is a covert section of the Federation that is called on to take on missions that go against the Federation’s altruistic beliefs. They get their hands dirty to get the job done when traditional forms of Starfleet protocol aren’t successful. As one of Section 31’s highest-ranking members, Deputy Director Luthor Sloan was more than eager to do whatever was necessary during the Dominion War on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

During the war, Sloan released a deadly virus on DS9, infecting Odo so that it would spread to the other members of the Changelings and kill them all. Sure, the Dominion was evil, but the idea of a Federation officer attempting to commit genocide is on a whole other level.


As in all sci-fi adaptations, artificial intelligence is either a friend or foe. In this case, it was a friend that turned absolutely evil. Created by Section 31 as a threat assessment AI, Control concluded that the only way the Federation could survive was to turn over all decisions to it. When section 31 attempted to shut down Control, the AI system went on a killing spree.

Control’s war tactics proved elite as it disabled Starfleet’s subspace relays and took command of all Section 31’s ships. With guns blazing, it went after Discovery and the Enterprise before being neutralized mere seconds before Discovery was pulled into a wormhole.

General Chang

General Chang was one of the main collaborators behind attempting to destroy any chance for peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Chang, who had a penchant for Shakespeare, attempted to frame Captain Kirk for the assassination of the Klingon Chancellor Gorkon.

Chang chose the perfect target to frame, due in no small part to Kirk’s hatred for Klingons after his son was murdered by a Klingon on the Genesis Planet in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Chang nearly succeeded in his plan if not for Spock, who found a way to destroy Chang’s cloaked ship.


V’ger is actually the probe Voyager 6 that was sent into space in the 20th century that got sucked into a black hole. It emerged from the black hole on the other side of the galaxy and was found by an alien race of living machines. It was repurposed and given the mission to return to its creator. As it traveled across the galaxy, it eventually became sentient and refused to let anything get in the way of its mission, no matter the cost. V’Ger was not defeated per se but rather given what it desired.


Khan Noonien Singh was the most powerful and lethal of the genetically modified Human Augments to emerge from the 20th century Eugenics Wars. He was stronger, quicker, and sharper than any other sentient being of his time. Khan nearly defeated Captain Kirk and his crew twice. If it wasn’t for Spock’s sacrifice, then everyone on board the USS Enterprise would have been eliminated.

The Borg Queen

The Federation has its fair share of enemies, but nothing quite matches up to the dangers the Borg presents. The Borg Queen went back in time to stop Dr. Zefram Cochrane from making first contact with the Vulcans. She would have succeeded if not for Data turning on the Borg Queen. Luckily, Data was only tempted by her enticing offer to bring him closer to humanity for 0.68 seconds, which for an android is nearly an eternity.

The Founders

The Founders, the Dominion’s leaders, pulled off a maneuver that no previous Federation foe had ever attempted: they used their shape-shifting talents to penetrate Starfleet’s highest echelons.

The Dominion War reached a perilous phase when it was revealed that the Founders had wormed their way into Starfleet. Everyone in the Federation became increasingly suspicious. Fortunately, the Federation discovered a means to detect Changelings and was able to eliminate them, but no one knows how much harm the Founders inflicted before they were detected.


Q is a highly powerful entity from a race of godlike beings known as the Q. He has unfathomable control over time, space and reality itself. Despite his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is not above playing practical jokes for his own entertainment, for a duplicitous and manipulative reason, or to establish a point. He is said to be nearly omnipotent, and he is always evasive when it comes to his genuine objectives.

Q could easily crush all life in the galaxy with a snap of his fingers. Luckily, Q is more interested in playing games than ruling or destroying the galaxy.

Mirror Kirk

There is only one person in all of Star Trek who has never been defeated: James T. Kirk. Kirk is so clever that he is the only member of Starfleet who has ever beaten the Kobayashi Maru simulation, which is designed to teach cadets about no-win situations.

Knowing that Kirk is the universe’s unbeatable hero, it’s only natural that Kirk in the Mirror Universe is unbeatable as well. Make no mistake; Mirror Kirk is a cold-blooded Terran killer. During his career, he was twice awarded for surviving a mortal wound and for being a master of poisons.

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