StaysafeTV Attacked By Squirrel

StaysafeTV, a Twitch streamer, was left dumbfounded on his September 29th live broadcast when a squirrel broke into his house and lunged at him during a live stream.

It can be difficult to keep conscious of your surroundings while concentrating in-game, and you may even forget that you’re playing the game, or streaming for that matter. 

Streamers are flocking to the MMO genre once again with the release of Amazon’s latest blockbuster MMO, New World, and players are already obsessed and grinding out their level. With servers at maximum capacity, one streamer became so absorbed in the game that he didn’t even notice a squirrel had broken into his house.

Twitch streamer StaysafeTV, a popular MMO streamer, was blind to his surroundings while immersed in the rather literal New World, and 10-hours into his stream, a squirrel took advantage of the opportunity to penetrate the house, running amok for a brief time before the streamer noticed.

StaysafeTV exclaimed, naturally surprised; “There is a squirrel in my house, there is a squirrel in my house! What the f**k”.

Staysafe’s goal was to chase the squirrel down the hall and out the front door through the kitchen door, but things didn’t go as planned since the streamer underestimated the squirrel’s reaction. 

As he approached the toilet, the squirrel leapt at him, scaring the living daylights out of him. Fortunately, the intruder was forced out of the house immediately, leaving the streamer dumbfounded and having to collect his breath.

Leaving the backdoor open during long gaming sessions can be a bad idea, since an intruding mouse could scare you to death. Staysafe has been forced to reconsider his strategy for chasing it out of the house, as he may not be as successful next time.


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