SteveWillDoIt Removes Videos From Gambling Channel

Following allegations from fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla, YouTuber and Nelk Boys member SteveWillDoIt appears that he has taken down all of his gambling videos.

Coffeezilla, an investigative YouTuber, published a video on October 6th focusing on SteveWillDoIt’s and gambling channel named ROOBET. Coffeezilla became interested in how Steve funds his videos after a Twitter feud sparked his interest, and his findings went viral, prompting Steve to take action.

The video titled” SteveWillDoIt’s Dark Secret – ROOBET’S HOUSE OF CARDS EP. 1″ by Coffeezilla made various charges against SteveWillDoIt and other creators. According to Coffeezilla’s findings, the company apparently has ties to Twitch streamer and YouTuber Adin Ross, who Coffeezilla has had beef with in the past.

Here’s what he stated; “So, SteveWillDoIt is insanely loaded because of this guy whose name is Alfonso, but not actually Alfonso because that’s actually an alias, his name is Alan, and he owns a sketchy giveaway company called Wizza. But also, ROOBET, which is an online casino, which obviously gives us some context as to why Steve has defended ROOBET so hard on Twitter.”

Coffeezilla concludes this part by stating that Steve’s pal Alan is his “golden goose” and the source of his funds.

Now, Steve’s gambling YouTube channel currently has no content as a result of the video’s release. In a tweet showing the channel had been erased of all of its videos, Coffeezilla asked, “Trying to hide something?” However, Coffeezilla’s video will not be the last on the subject. To continue his investigation, a total of five additional videos are planned.

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