Streamer Award: How To Vote For QTCinderella

Popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella recently announced her plans to host an award show on her channel that will honor the best livestream content creators in various categories.

The show, which will be streamed on March 12, will not be possible without a lot of effort. A two-week nomination period will precede The Streamer Awards, followed by a voting period.

Fans can enter their nominees for all 28 of the event’s awards at from now until February 13th. A list of nominees will be compiled at the end of that time frame to create a finalist phase. The event will have a panel that will submit one nominee for each category in addition to fan nominations.

There is currently no way to vote in each category. The voting period for each award begins on February 21 and runs for two weeks, ending on March 6. After the nominations have been compiled into a final list, the voting webpage will be made available.

The Streamer Awards’ panel of org owners, commentators, journalists, and livestreaming veterans will decide the winner of each category based on a combination of fan votes, same with the 70 percent of the final decision will also be based on fan votes. The remaining 30% will be decided by the panelists.

On March 12th, the award winners will be revealed live on The in-person show will be co-hosted by QT and fellow streamer Maya Higa.

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