Streamer Daequan Breaks Silence

After an unplanned 113-day hiatus from Twitch, Daequan Loco has returned to reveal what happened to the content house he and Hamlinz co-founded with NRG Esports late last year.

After amassing a massive following in Fortnite between 2018 and 2019, Loco, 27, has become known for his extended absences from streaming and the public eye.

The streamer — and co-star Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin — all but vanished in early 2020, leaving behind a legion of devoted Fortnite fans — before making a surprise return late last year with a new project, the “Thoom House,” founded by NRG and the duo.

However, the duo vanished again only a few weeks later.

Daequan has returned to Twitch, more than three months after the new Thoom house vanished, to clear the air about what went wrong. The internet issues, according to the 27-year-old streaming sensation, were what brought the Thoom house and all of the duo’s grand plans to a halt. Broken air conditioners, shaky phone connections, and a built-in shower that “wouldn’t run hot, ever” began to appear in the house as well.

Daequan went on to say that he had “no beef” with NRG or anyone else from the Californian esports organization, though he did admit that he’s still unsure whether he’s still an NRG player or a free agent.

Daequan now has more than four million Twitch followers, many of whom have been waiting for the 27-year-proper old’s return since 2020.

Loco has declared that the long-awaited moment has arrived.

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