Streamer Disguised Toast Provides Tech Support To TinaKitten

Disguised Toast, who was streaming Among Us via Twitch, helped TinaKitten (stressed) with a computer malfunction.

Streamers included Valkyrae and Ludwig as well as Corpse Husband Sykkuno, Myth and xChocoBars. Tina had an issue with her computer at the beginning of round 2. Her assistance was quickly received by the other players.

TinaKitten was playing Among Us when she experienced a technical problem on her computer. Tina was unable use her computer because the screen on her computer appeared frozen.

As the players were leaving the ‘dropship” area on the Polus map, she was clearly distraught.

Sykkuno was heard in the background suggesting they restart the game as they don’t want to leave their friend out.

Another Imposter, Corpse whispered that it was Rae.

Her computer malfunction still puzzled the content creator of 100 Thieves. Her computer’s malfunction remained a puzzlement. She asked if any other monitors were experiencing the same problem.

This question received a range of answers, with Natsumii (a Canadian musician and streamer) responding “sometimes”. It implied that Natsumii had also dealt with similar problems. Corpe suggested that it could be the “graphics cards” (GPU). Natsumii said that it could be a cooling problem.

Toast, a Taiwanese streamer of Taiwanese descent, didn’t talk until about a minute and half into the conversation. Toast was among the many who opposed the idea that the other members of the team continue the game without Tina.

Tina clearly was in tears at this stage of the stream and seemed depressed.

Toast asked her if she had an OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which can be used to stream and record. The Asian actress answered affirmatively. Toast suggested that she do a “good old-fashioned” restart, and she was assured it would work.

Toast’s technical expertise was a saving grace. TinaKitten rejoined the game with the stream, and she restarted her monitor to join the other players in the next round.

These streamers can continue playing Among Us on their channels. For example, Tina or Toast can often be seen streaming live on Twitch.


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