Streamer Myth Vows To Retire Jokingly

Myth, a Twitch streamer, and TSM star Myth, made a poor attempt at the Xbox marquee title.

The beta has been out for over a month and Myth is still doing well every time he uses it. He had an unpleasant encounter with the game’ssniper recently and decided to quit streaming.

Myth looked uncharacteristically off-form while firing the sniper at a Halo Infinite stream on Twitch. While playing Fortnite and other FPS titles, he often hits sniper headshots while asleep.

It didn’t seem to be his day as he continued to miss close-range and long-range shots. The Syrian-American streamer lost four shots at point blank range which was unusual.

After all the missed shots, he was shot in his back. Out of frustration, however, he declared that he would stop streaming.

Myth made a joke about bidding goodbye after his worst gameplay in months. He thanked his fans for supporting him and marked his departure from the industry with a thank you message.

His “retirement,” however, was topped off by the fact that he pretending to stop the stream and played the outro after saying his goodbyes. He let out an exaggerated scream of frustration and returned to the stream to carry on.

The two streamers tried Urban Dictionary to find the meanings for their names during a recent stream. Maya Higa was the one who described it. Although Maya Higa’s descriptions were interesting and thorough, Myth (real name Ali Kabbani) discovered that Urban Dictionary refers to him simply as “Pokimane‚Äôs lover span>

Maya Higa screamed in dismay as he walked out of her room.

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