Streamer Tess Found Dead

Hundreds of people have paid tribute to a “popular, compassionate, and creative” Twitch streamer who went missing and was discovered dead shortly afterwards.

A Popular Twitch streamer Theresa Steele AKA “Tess”, was found on open land near Wolseley Bridge, near Stafford, on September 14th after detectives began looking for her the day before.

Staffordshire Police have been supporting her family since then, and the death is not being seen as suspicious, according to Birmingham Live.

The creative’s family has now paid her a moving tribute. Tess was a talented artist and writer, as well as an avid gamer who shared her creations on Twitch and YouTube.

Amy, Tess’ sister-in-law, described her death as “extremely sudden and terrible.”

In Tess’ memory, a “celebration of life” event has been planned, as well as a fundraising website to assist cover the costs, which has raised £1,100 so far.

Amy, who has known Tess for 13 years and is married to one of her five brothers, said: “Tess was reserved and reserved, but she was caring.

“Many people have expressed their admiration for her, which has been heartwarming to hear.

“She was a gamer to the core. She was a gamer who streamed on Twitch and recorded her streams on YouTube.

“She was an artist who enjoyed writing and was a creative individual. A significant amount of artwork and prose has been left behind.

“It was a complete shock to everyone.”

Amy, who started the fundraising campaign, characterized her death as “unexpected and terribly heartbreaking for all who knew her.”

Amy said; ” “Rather than a wake, we’ve decided to conduct a memorial service.

“Rather than a burial, it will be a celebration. We’re trying to honor her life rather than make it more tragic since it’s been startling and tragic.

“The focus will be on people coming out and sharing their Tess experiences.”

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