Streamer xQc Calls Out Viewers

The new MasterChef meta isn’t just causing problems for Twitch. Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been chastised by some viewers for continuing to react to television shows rather than gaming.

xQc is one of Twitch’s most well-known personalities, thanks to his FPS prowess and controversial behavior. xQc was an Overwatch League pro before joining Twitch. Throughout his full-time streaming career, he has cycled through various games, becoming well-known in the world of GTA RP (for all the wrong reasons).

Over the last few months, it appears that xQc has been enjoying the new MasterChef meta, even engaging in Twitter banter with Gordon Ramsay.

xQc continued to watch TV on stream even after other well-known influencers were arrested for streaming entire seasons of popular television shows. However, it appears that some fans have grown tired of this type of content.

Viewers who complain about xQc’s lack of gaming are called out by xQc.

One viewer mocked xQc for his continued reliance on streaming television shows while watching Shark Tank during a recent live broadcast. xQc was accused of watching TV shows for “hours and hours,” with the accuser claiming it takes no effort.

The said remark irritated xQc, who decided to call them out on it during his broadcast.

The former Overwatch pro then went on to say that all of the current video games are “dogsh-t,” which is why he won’t play them and why some people might get bored watching them. There are no games to watch, according to xQc.

xQc returned to watching Shark Tank after his brief rant. Despite some complaints, it appears that the majority of xQc’s fans are enjoying the new content, with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in. xQc has seen some of his highest viewership numbers to date while watching MasterChef on stream.

xQc isn’t going to stop watching Twitch TV anytime soon. He claims to be in discussions with a few networks, but he hasn’t revealed any specifics about his plans. He’s also stated that he’ll be watching some anime in the near future, so don’t expect to see xQc gaming anytime soon.

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