Streamer xQc Hits Back At MatPat

After MatPat criticized Twitch and its creators during his latest Game Theory episode, streamer xQc responded.

During his February 2022 Game Theory episode, Matthew ‘MatPat’ Patrick chastised Twitch, telling the Amazon-owned platform and its streamers like Pokimane to “grow up,” arguing that the site’s react meta and how it handles DMCA claims are “irresponsible.”

During his live stream, popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reacted to the video essay, accusing the theorist of spreading “misinformation” and “lies,” claiming that the 32-year-attempt old’s at Twitch was a “disaster” due to a lack of research.

MatPat chastised Twitch for not regulating its content like YouTube in his latest Game Theory. According to the theorist, the infamous hot tub and reaction metas were the result of streamers desperate to fill their contracts, which required them to go live for a ridiculous amount of time. This isn’t correct, according to xQc.

MatPat’s use of Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker as examples of channels banned for copyright infringement irritated the Twitch star. “Master Chef was never DMCA-ed. It’s still available to watch. Nobody was ever served with a DMCA notice for any of them.

The DMCA Hasan received was a forgery. “It was all a ruse,” he said. “Disguised Toast was not prohibited. That isn’t correct. He wasn’t even suspended, let alone banned. Due to a live DMCA, he was placed on a two-day hiatus. This is completely false. Correcting misinformation and outright lies isn’t malding to me.”

When the Game Theory host argued that Twitch, like YouTube, should keep an eye on its creators. Many YouTubers, he believes, have a distorted perspective on Amazon’s platform, according to the Twitch star. Lengyel also chastised MatPat for suggesting that Twitch should pay for TV show licenses for streamers to watch.

Despite having major issues with the episode, xQc called it a “good” watch and told his fans that he didn’t want to be too harsh on the popular theorist, even though he believes that the majority of the argument is incorrect regarding the streaming platform.

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