Streamers Demands

YouTube continues to attract more users that is why more Twitch streamers are calling for the Amazon-owned platform to make significant changes to how it pays its content creators.

Although Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform on the internet, YouTube and even Facebook are attempting to persuade others to switch by offering better payouts. Users are unhappy because affiliates and most partners only receive a 50 percent split from Twitch when someone subscribes to their channel.

A petition calling for a change to the revenue split has now received over 10,000 signatures, with streamers expressing their dissatisfaction with the current system.

A popular streamer ‘ChrispyGameplay’, shared a link to a petition asking fellow streamers to demand Twitch take action in a viral tweet. Since Chrispy tweeted it out, the petition, which was started by SaltyWyvern in December of 2020, has received over 10,000 signatures and numerous comments.

Many people have stated that if things don’t change, they are considering switching to YouTube, with some claiming to have already done so. It’s unclear whether Twitch will make any changes, but if YouTube continues to grow as a threat, Amazon may be forced to reconsider its payout.

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