Streamers Raise Money

Hundreds of streamers are collaborating in a very Spooktacular Streamathon event this Halloween, in aid of raising money for gaming set-ups in children’s hospitals. 

The streamathon runs throughout the full of October, wrapping abreast of Halloween itself. All the cash raised goes to the charity Gamers Outreach, which provides set-ups called “GO Karts” for kids in hospital.

This is the second streamathon go by Gamers Outreach, with the last raising $337,000. It’s now in its second day, with the charity’s Twitter account sharing the streams of those who have gotten involved and raising money for the cause.

“Gamers Outreach believes the globe is best when kids can play, and gamers have the facility to assist.”

According to Gamers Outreach, roughly 2.5 million hospital play sessions are enabled by its work, with the GO Karts made to be easily accessible and mobile across the entire hospital. They are available decked with an Xbox, two controllers, and a TV, meaning children can play from the comfort of their bed.

If you’re fascinated by raising some money within the Spooktacular Streamathon, keep a watch on the Gamers Outreach Twitter account. It announces the day’s line-up of streams at 11 AM EST.

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