Streamers Reaction As Reddit’s r/Place Comes To An End

HasanAbi and Ludwig as well as Mizkif were among the Twitch streamers to react to this year’s end of the r/Place competition. Reddit hosted a social experiment where users could change the color of one pixel to edit a blank canvas. Some of Twitch’s most popular communities came together to make art online.

People have been sharing thoughts about the collaboration project since the demise of r/Place on social media.

r/Place, a global collaborative art project that involves millions of people all around the globe is called “r/Place”. It was used by people to create memes and support causes.

Twitch communities have come together to make beautiful versions of classical art such as The Mona Lisa or The Starry Night. Larger Twitch communities, however, came together in order to take down the work of other artists.

This is a great look at the brains of streamers, online communities and individuals who worked together for several days to build this huge canvas.

The users could not place white pixels near the end. This left the canvas empty and white.

Ludwig and HasanAbi have used social media to voice their opinions about r/Place, as the topic fades. Mizkif is another example.

There was a lot to like about the r/Place experiment. Ludwig displayed some of his beautiful and genuine artwork that his community has created in recent days.

Mizkif appeared to be grateful for the effort of the community, calling it “one of my favorite things in streaming”

HasanAbi and other streamers seemed to have been inspired by it. He displayed a portion of the r/Place Map, just like Ludwig. But his thoughts were much more outside. His goal is to encourage others to join him in his way.

HasanAbi and other streamers seemed to have been inspired by it. He also showed off the section of the R/Place map. But his thoughts were much more outside. He hopes to encourage people to get together, to either paint pixels on canvas or do something else.

NymN shared an Minecraft animation that was created by the community of the r/Place reddit.

Dragon Quest fans also gathered at the location. They, just like Ludwig, showed off the results of their work as r/Place ended. JRPG enthusiasts gathered in honor of Twitch streaming to display Slime Stacks and Ironmouse Slime.

Other people praised the effort this year by drawing attention to their favourite parts, like a Rembrandt painting. Others simply showed the whole canvas.

Some users of Twitter shared the most family-friendly art they liked from the event.

Although it’s impossible to predict if there will be another r/Place event next year, if the popularity of this one is anything to go by, then there are good chances. In 2022, 6,000,000 people took part. This is a significant increase on the 1 million who attended 2017.



People reacted to the end of r/Place, a social experiment on Reddit where people can change the color of one pixel to edit a blank canvas. Streamers were among some of the most popular communities who came together to make something beautiful. People have been sharing thoughts about it since its demise with positive

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