Streamers Tribute To Reckful On R/Place

During a stream, Mizkif, Will Neff, and PayMoneyWubby collaborated to create a memorial on the viral r/place canvas in honor of fallen Twitch streamer Byron ‘Reckful‘ Bernstein.

After a battle with mental health issues, Twitch veteran and former esports professional ‘Reckful’ tragically took his own life on July 2, 2020.

One of his most recognizable features was a rather large stuffed duck that was almost always present in the background of his camera frame. It became so well-known that fans created art depicting the animal on a regular basis.

With a tribute on the viral Reddit canvas that is featured on r/place every April 1, Mizkif, WillNeff, PayMoneyWubby, and their communities worked together to bring Reckful’s iconic animal back to life.

Every year on April 1, the subreddit r/place has provided a blank canvas for users to create their own artwork. Users can make one-pixel edits every five minutes on the platform.

On April 2nd, Mizkif issued a call for all Twitch streamers to unite and create a tribute to Reckful on the final day. That’s exactly what they did on February 3rd. Mizkif, PayMoneyWubby, and Will Neff collaborated with their communities to create a pixel-by-pixel tribute to their fallen friend.

They recreated Reckful’s iconic duck with a space background, which was originally created by a fan of the creator, Liftaris, and posted a year ago on his subreddit.

Since its rebirth, r/place has been the focal point of content for many Twitch streamers, with xQc breaking his viewership record as Reddit censored his art.



On April 1, 2019 Mizkif and 3 other creators created a pixel art memorial for a fallen streamer on the viral Reddit canvas. In 2020, Reckful (a professional Twitch streamer and former esports player) committed suicide. His fans made pixel art of his famous stuffed duck. The duck

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