Streamers Who Were Roasted On Twitch

Twitch is, for the most part, a friendly community where streamers of all sizes can grow their own fan base. Some streamer are subjected to a barrage of insults, some of which come from fellow creators.

While this may occur on occasion, the number of times friends have roasted each other on stream, particularly among the top creators, is far greater. Here are 5 times when Twitch streamers were roasted by friends, coworkers, and, in one case, their own chat.

5 Twitch streamers who were completely roasted

Jschlatt Roast Mizkif’s Height

Mizkif was streaming while talking to Jschlatt, who was still on hiatus from streaming at the time, during a stream a few years ago. Mizkif stood up to show his chat about how JSchlatt acted when they first met while they were on the subject of their first meeting. However, JSchlatt noticed that the door to Mizkif’s room made him appear much smaller than he is.

He falls silent in embarrassment after receiving an absolute confidence-crushing blow, all the while trying not to laugh at JSchlatt’s hilarious insult.

Ludwig Makes Fun Of QTCinderella

Ludwig and his girlfriend QTCinderella were taste-testing a variety of candy during one of Ludwig’s streams a few years ago, having fun trying exotic foreign flavors of KitKat and other popular candies.

Ludwig told QT to look down before eating one of the candies, and as she did, he asked if she could see anything.

She slowly looked up in shock after realizing the joke, eventually smiling and saying that the insult was rude, but she couldn’t help but laugh.

PewDiePie Jokes About xQc’s Looks

xQc was linked to a clip of famous YouTuber PewDiePie watching the kids show Phineas and Ferb, where he jokingly said that one of the show’s main characters, “Phineas,” looked like the streamer, during one of his previous streams.

xQc attempted to defend himself by claiming that his hair did not match the character’s, but he quickly gave up after his chat was filled with laughing emotes.

xQc Makes Fun Of Trainwrecks’ Stutter

Trainwrecks was casually talking with some friends while streaming when the streamer xQc joined his call and asked if they were ready to begin. Trainwrecks said they were ready to go, but he stuttered when he asked if xQc needed a minute to prepare. xQc mocked the stutter by stuttering repeatedly, which evolved into engine noises.

He slammed his desk in frustration after being mocked, but he was clearly trying to contain his laughter when xQc began making engine noises.

Chat Roasts Erobb’s Outfit

While this is the only video on the list that does not feature another streamer, that does not mean it isn’t as funny as the others. During one of Erobb‘s streams, he flaunted the outfit he was wearing, saying he liked it a lot.

His chat, on the other hand, had quite the opposite reaction, with many viewers donating money to have their messages read aloud for the stream and Erobb.

After reading a comment that said he looked like an Outback Steakhouse manager, another message played aloud, posing as a customer speaking with an Applebee’s employee, and another message blared out loud, requesting that Erobb wipe the camera lens, but the message was really just a set-up for a killer final roast.

While some of these may appear to be streamers attacking each other, it’s simply friends making fun of each other, and the streamers clearly have to hold back their own laughter in the majority of these clips.

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