Streamers Whose House Caught Fire

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms, with millions of gamers, content creators, and streamers regularly streaming on the purple platform. Given the countless hours that different people stream for, a few live accidents are bound to occur.

Here are the stories of a few unlucky Twitch streamers whose homes caught fire while they were live on stream, as well as what happened after the tragic events.

There have been three instances where Twitch streamers’ homes have caught fire while they were live streaming.


The first on the list is Twitch streamer eddybaker420, who was forced to act during a Star Trek Online stream when his couch spontaneously caught fire.

The variety streamer was quick to respond and began searching for a fire extinguisher before finally extinguishing the fire and preventing further damage. The couch did not make it.


Radishboy is one of the most recent streamers to perish in a house fire. When his fire alarm went off, the Old School RuneScape player, who goes by the handle RSN Radishboy on the platform, was streaming the popular game.

He discovered his ground floor was completely covered in smoke after the shocking incident. The fire department later informed him that the house was a “total loss” and “unlivable.”

Radishboy also has a one-minute clip of the stream from the day of the incident, dubbed “The Day we Lost Everything” by Radishboy.

The tragic incident occurred in late January 2022, and since then, the avid gamer has returned to streaming his favorite game for his fans.


Twitch streamer GimpyG was forced to flee his home in November 2021 after a fire broke out in his garage, which was attached to his house.

GimpyG was streaming Diablo 2: Resurrected at the time of the incident, and he was forced to leave the house with his family and cats. He later posted a photo of the aftermath on Instagram.

The upsetting incident, as well as the loss of his home and beloved gaming setup, demoralized the community and other streamers, prompting many to contribute to the rebuilding of his streaming room.

While such incidents are alarming, they do bring the community together to support one another and give each person involved a new perspective on life.

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