Streamlabs: xQc shares details about his time with Streamlabs

Felix xQc Streamlabs has provided details of his experience with Streamlabs. This includes why the streaming company allowed him to break from his contract and stream a single-time stream.

Logitech owns Streamlabs, a streaming software company. At the close of 2021, they were severely chastised for using the branding and trading names of others without any connection to their original company.

xQc was watching Syrmaa’s video stream titled “The 2022 Twitch Iceberg Explained” and reacted to the breakdown of company issues in recent months.

xQc went into detail about his contract with a past sponsor. Twitch’s most prominent streamer was not shy about describing their disappointments in hosting a media sharing broadcast.

Donations would enable viewers to stream their videos via streaming. This feature was not available at Streamlabs. After reaching out to the company, we were able to confirm that this feature was possible.

Felix pulled his punches and walked back some of his remarks on the company during the video. Reddit discussion xQc’s opinions about the inadequacies in the program reached a consensus.

xQc uses OBS to stream content from the day he ended his exclusive contract. This leaves Streamlabs behind and all their problems.

Despite their split, xQc continues to be the dominant Twitch streamer, setting new viewership records, and making it difficult for others to catch up.


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