Stukawaki Banned

Popular Warzone streamer Stukawaki was previously banned in the middle of a $20,000 tournament after he was caught up in a hacking scandal. He lost his account and now lost out competing in the said tournament.

Stukawaki was playing in a 3v3 Odd Man Out tournament with Tommey and Newbz when he randomly got kicked off the server. He received notification notifying him that his account was permanently banned.

At the time, he and his teammates had no clue why while his viewers already speculated that was hacking or that because of the max-level bizzare hack that most of the top streamers were receiving and as it turns out, he was indeed banned for hacking but it wasn’t him doing it.

Several hours later, he revealed that he received confirmation of the reason for his ban and that he already spoke to someone at Activision saying that his account was hacked and that the person behind the hacking is also the one that flagged it.

Before long, Stukawaki’s account was restored and he was already playing and dropping bombs again. Later on, he tweeted regarding the said ban and said to those people who thiught that he was banned for cheating can go fuck themselves and that they are all a bunch of “shitstains”.

Needless to say, he wasn’t impressed by the accusations and that he is now glad that his account is now back and running.



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