Summit1g: GTA RP x UFC rumors

Recently, rumors about UFC collaborating with NoPixel in the near future have surfaced online. In response to this, Twitch streamer Jaryd Lazar aka summit1g has given his thoughts about it.

NoPixel, known for its private role-playing server based on the game Grand Theft Auto 5, is the server of choice for creators on Twitch like Summit1g, xQc, and many others. On August 19th live stream of GTA RP streamer Shotz, he revealed that GTA RP fans might be surprised to hear that UFC is apparently interested in collaborating with NoPixel in the near future. He stated; “UFC has been very interested in the VLC fights. We just got off a call with the UFC.”

In response to this, one of the biggest GTA RP streamers on the server, Summit1g, gave in his thoughts about the matter during his most recent live broadcast. During the stream, Summit1g he was asked by the viewers about the rumors regarding the UFC being interested.

He replied that he has been a big UFC fan for a long time now so it is “pretty crazy” for him. He then added that; “So I guess it’s great that we’re just coming together” As it stands now, UFC isn’t that popular on Twitch, so there is a market that can be grown there. So, Summit1g also points out how somebody from marketing would have noticed what the Chain Gang was doing.

At the end of the day, it would be a business opportunity that could grow UFC’s audience and help out GTA. UFC has every reason to be interested in the VLC fights, as Shotz claims. It’s unknown what exactly this kind of collaboration could end up like, but there’s a good chance that GTA RP fans have some exciting things to look forward to.



recent rumors about UFC cooperating with NoPixel in the near future have surfaced online. In response, Twitch streamer Summit1g has given his thoughts on the matter. Summit1g is one of GTA RP’s biggest streamers and he thinks that it would be interesting for people to see UFC collaborating with

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