Summit1g Hit With Troll Donation

Summit1g has returned to Twitch to play Sea of Thieves, but this time it’s not his hilarious looting tactics that have fans laughing – it’s a brutal donation.

Following the release of the Forts Of The Forgotten expansion on March 24th, the streamer had been playing the pirate game on and off for a few days, with interest in Rare’s title increasing.

While that will last until April 7th, it’s difficult to say how long the 1G Squad’s leader will stay.

On March 29th, the variety host held his breath as the readout of what sounded like a very sad donation began.

High-profile Twitch personalities have previously been able to assist viewers stuck in difficult mental health situations, as seen with DrLupo in 2018 when he received a distressing message but it wasn’t long before it became clear that summit’s dono was joking around.

The former CS:GO player couldn’t help but laugh at the remark, which he admitted was unexpected.

The Twitch chat went into raptures, with a flood of people laughing along at home, making for a memorable moment. Thankfully, the streaming sensation saw the humor in the situation and did not take it too seriously.

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