Summit1g Is Stunned At Teammate Rant

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazard, a Twitch streamer, was perplexed during an Apex Legends session after seeing his “crazy” teammate dissect their in-game abilities.

Summit1g has witnessed many absurd situations in games like Escape From Tarkov, Sea of Thieves, and GTA RP over the years, but in Apex Legends, one of Summit’s teammates demonstrated a level of commitment to the game that far exceeded that of the average player.

Summit was left speechless by this one-of-a-kind player’s philosophical perspective on performing in the game.

The leader of the 1G squad was feeling the wrath of hardcore Apex players during his January 17 stream. Despite being knocked out of the game, he offered words of encouragement to his teammates in the hopes of a comeback.

This elicited a hilarious toxic philosophical rant from the teammate asking that isn’t it possible for them to do what they are doing as a team and explained that, that was something they had and they had foreseen. They were frantically running around and they should act as if the opposition they are up against isn’t real because it isn’t. Technically, everything is a simulation, and it is. They are playing a video game summarizing their surroundings in a Matrix-style manner.

They didn’t stop there with their philosophical musings, as they continued to dissect Apex’s gameplay. Summit couldn’t stop himself from giggling at what he was hearing.

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