Summit1g Returning To PUBG

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar, a Twitch star, said he’s glad PUBG has regained popularity since his return to the battle royale, and he has no plans to quit just yet.

Before games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone took over the battle royale scene, PUBG was the best way to show off your BR skills.

Given the wide variety of battle royale options available, PUBG’s popularity had waned, but it was made free-to-play in late 2021, igniting a mini-resurgence in last-man-standing gaming. As a result, some streamers, including Summit1g, have returned to their former battleground of choice – and the leader of the 1G squad isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.

Summit, like many others, returned to PUBG in mid-January, fearful that things wouldn’t have changed since the last time he played it and that he wouldn’t be a huge fan.

However, after a few days of playing, the Twitch star is pleased with what he’s seen and is relieved that the battle royale is once again populated.

Summit isn’t the only streamer who has returned to the battle royale. According to SullyGnome statistics, a steady 1,000 channels have been streaming PUBG on a regular basis since it became free-to-play.

Even though it isn’t near its previous highs, games are once again populated. Time will tell whether big names like Summit will stick with it in the long run.

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