Superfan Gets David Dobrik’s Name Tattoo

A superfan of YouTuber and Twitch streamer David Dobrik was approached by a street vendor. She revealed to him that she had a tattoo with his name for over two years. He was stunned.

It is common for celebrities and Internet personalities to have their faces and names tattooed on their followers’ bodies. This has happened to many, including Joe Rogan and Pokimane as well as Ninja, Ninja, Ninja and CorpseHusband. It’s still shocking.

Surreal it must feel to be surrounded by people who are so passionate about you and your work, they will even have a tattoo of your name on their body. David Dobrik, who ran into the superfan in the street and got to witness it for himself, recorded the conversation and posted it to Instagram. He pointed out the tattoo at the middle of the girl’s finger, and stated that the tattoo had been there for 2 years.

David Dobrik inquired about the reasons, points, and whys of the girl. She asked the girl nervously, looking at the camera and saying it was because he loved her.

While some viewers called it “creepy and cult-like,” others claimed that the streamer was acting in her own body. The streamer still has a loyal following, despite all the drama and controversy, as this tattoo shows.

Many believe his publicized return is part of an alarming trend. However, he continues to embark on exciting new projects like Discovering David Dobrik.

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