SweeneyTv Hiring Mod Gone Very Wrong

Popular YouTuber known for his own “Twitch mod” parodies, Sweeneytv recently made a huge mistake when he chose his own for his stream. After his chat shifted into chaos, he gave a random viewer mod powers, and things only got worse from there.

YouTube and Twitch stream moderators hold considerable power: they ensure that the chat is kept clean and that any bad eggs are removed. As a streamer, you must have faith in them.

YouTuber known for mocking Twitch and YouTube mods for their policies, Sweeneytv trusted his instincts when he chose his own. After all, he’s seen and acted out the worst of them, so he should be able to choose one that’s suitable.

Someone entered his chat in the middle of the stream and began spamming it with hateful comments, and his viewers requested him to give someone to clean it up. In his chat, he conducted a quick interview and chose one “Thai Nguyen.”

It would turn out to be his stream’s biggest, yet most hilarious, error of judgement.

According to Sweeneytv, there were a few good resumes but he was not sure who to trust and then one person named ‘Thai’ appeared out of nowhere and told him that he will be the mod and because of these reasons, and of course the confidence that they have on wanting to be the mod, Sweeneytv made a hasty decision and chose them.

He put Thai to the test by having them delete someone’s message. He even lavished praise on the new moderator and apologized after deleting the said message.

Thai wasn’t the troll, Sweeney was certain. However, as his viewership dropped, Thai’s true colors emerged: he was the original spammer, and he was banning everyone from his chat.

Sweeney said that he had to ban Thai with a heavy heart, then go to his Youtube studio and unblock literally every single one of his Youtube chatters, then apologize to them for hiring Thai.

While Sweeney met his stream goals and had a good time, he should spend a little more time checking his moderators for future streams, rather than just asking a few questions in chat.

Surprisingly, the streamer states a moral story and that is if you do not recognize your mod, don’t hire them right away in chat. He should have known it because he did not have a profile picture, but he said that he admires Thai’s self-assurance and he was hoping he’d be one of the good guys.

Lastly, he admitted that the betrayal surprised him.

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