Sweet Anita Considers Quitting Twitch

Popular female twitch streamer Sweet Anita has revealed that she has been considering quitting due to the “mental toll of being at the mercy” of strangers hyper-sexualising her online.

Sweet Anita has started her streaming career back in the year 2018. And back then, her twitch channel was just an easy way for her to share her Overwatch gameplay with her friends but it has suddenly grown into something more as in the year 2020, Sweet Anita has cracked over a million fans gaining herself more than 1.7 million followers.

However, popular streamers are often subject to the best and worst aspects of online communities and Sweet Anita is no stranger to being sexualized on the internet. Back in April 2021, Sweet Anita had an experience of having an abundance of creepy viewers clipping her broadcasts that led her to think of quitting streaming altogether.

Now, Sweet Anita once again revealed that she may be forced away from Twitch one day because of the creepy fans. Sweet Anita, who never streams in suggestive clothing, was disturbed when she discovered an NSFW community on Reddit dedicated to her. Redditors in this community have shared collages, images, and videos of Sweet Anita. Some of the clips have been slowed down in order to focus on specific details, while other images have been digitally edited to make it look like she streamed nude.

She also discovered an NSFW Discord community dedicated to her in which these fans share videos of them ejaculating onto printed-out livestream screenshots, and even more edited photos. She says that these discoveries are ruining her experience of streaming, and this recently discovered attention she’s been getting may push her away from Twitch.

Sweet Anita was visibly frustrated that the sexualization continues no matter how she acts and dresses and according to her, this is creating a mental toll that may not be worth enduring for her streaming career.



Twitch explains why they haven’t banned Anita In a statement to BBC News, Twitch said it wanted to create a “welcoming environment” for disabled content creators. They also stated that this kind of environment “sets a level of decency and respect for our community.”13-Aug-2021

Earnings as a Youtuber With 1.3 million subscribers on her main channel, Anita racks up around 1.3 million views every month. Calculations show that she makes around $1k to $4k a month on the platform, and about $12k to $48k a year.

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She has Tourette’s syndrome – a neurological condition which amongst other things causes people to make involuntary sounds or movements. Though it’s a condition which is better known in recent years, people are still full of questions because of its nature.12-Aug-2021

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